Luck be a Lady

OVERWHELMED… is an understatement of how I feel right now.


I cannot believe I’ve been selected as a finalist for Miss Viva Las Vegas!! Out of applicants worldwide, I am one of the Top 8 to perform at the live competition for the coveted title. I will be performing on Saturday, March 30th at The Orleans, as part of the world’s largest rockabilly party.

It really is a dream since I’m a rookie on the big scene. And slowly learning & adopting this subculture/lifestyle. I am a bit apprehensive, worried that people will talk smack. I don’t have tattoos. I don’t wear victory rolls in my hair. And I don’t wear polkadots on a daily basis…okay, maybe every other day. But you know what?! I’ve been dancing all my life, and performing is my passion. So whether or not I’m a “rockabilly girl” I am still grateful for this challenge. I must have been chosen for good reason right?! And so I will take the stage, as my true self and just hope the audience simply enjoys my lovely presentation!

It’s an honor to have this opportunity as I grace the stage with beautiful women I look up to. Missy Lisa–I’ve seen perform live in Chicago (OMG so cute!), RedBone–I’ve gained as a friend at BurlyCon Seattle, and the others I’ve merely watched on YouTube!

This is the first burlesque competition I’ve applied to, and I’ve made it to the finals! Amazing! I feel like I’ve already won. But hey, let’s just call this beginner’s luck.


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