Con Artist (parte tres)

The hotel was not only full of international glitterati, but the shining stars of the weekend were a few guests of honor who helped push us for more in our art, and well…pushed some tears out of us too.

Julie Atlas Muz is THE force to be reckoned with. No one can do what she does. She is such a smart & sexy performer, she’ll make you cry. Most of the time, with unbelievable laughter. I’ve seen her perform in (Chicago) and she was an absolute riot. I was a bit intimidated when I saw her workshops on the schedule, but I chose to take her class for that reason. I needed to be challenged. I’m not so much the actor, nor a comedic clown as she’s known to be. Though with her interactive exercises spinning off of childhood nostalgia, I learned the most important lesson she brought: Be genuine. No, for real. We may often take the stage acting as a particular character. But capturing that true skill of becoming the character rather than acting like one is the essence of performing. Being able to make your audience believe, understand, and appreciate what you are conveying is the utmost success. Anyway, Julie’s class was one I will always remember. Especially for the fact that she likes mye cnI name, and agreed with its fit saying that I am, indeed, Lovely 🙂 ……..and then Dirty Martini called me charming. Just had to throw that in!

Well, while I’m sharing “that’s what she said!” ….here are some quotes of the key note speakers that seemed to have resonated with me especially after this BurlyCon experience:

Julie Atlas Muz

“Create your performance opportunity. If no one shows up, who cares?!”
“Don’t be identi-kits. Create your own character.”
“Be inspired. Don’t steal….. Okay, but if you do–make it your own!”
“Say YES. People who say yes, say yes to Adventure.”

Dirty Martini

“Listen to the Yes people.”
“Bring burlesque to the people.”
“The most important reward was [not the opportunity to travel and wear glamorous costumes… But] to be in the dressing room with such crazy people” [sharing the experience and building lifelong friendships.]
“Women have to call each other, other names before they call them their sister.” –Oscar Wilde

Lottie the Body

(To Julie Atlas Muz) “You are the epitome of burlesque.”
“Be careful. Be safe.”
“Get on stage and say to yourself, I am the maker of this house.”
“Let this be a world of roses and cheap wine!”

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