Di’ Lovely Does Dallas

I remember the moment I received my acceptance letter to the Dallas Burlesque Fest. I just got done with work in Tucson, Arizona. I plopped onto the bed with my iPad and there it was in my inbox. A brief wave of cold sweat rushed through my body, in such anxiety. No doubt, excited but nerve wracking because I had no idea what I was getting into. This was my very first festival I applied to and I got in! I get to perform at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas!

This felt really great because I wasn’t sure how well I’d do, pursuing this type of performance career. I’m a relative newbie to the game but this acceptance letter was more of a validation that I’m doing something right. I really wasn’t sure if they liked my particular dance style. Nor even my appearance, since I don’t wear the typical pale-skinned, doe-eyed, pin-up doll look.

Anyway, Little D arrives in the Big D… Di’ Lovely Does Dallas. I came alone which was a last minute bummer, but I travel alone all the time so no biggie. Though I was anxious because I came to this festival without really knowing anybody. It was exciting to meet performers I’ve only seen in online videos. But even more exciting to formally meet the ones I’d seen perform live at Michelle L’amour’s “Strippers’ Holiday” so I ended up having a couple starstruck moments.


It was fun to recognize people who had recently added me on Facebook, or liked my fan page. Of course, I only have a few friends on there anyway. But there was one I knew from before, Minxie, who was another BurlyCon attendee last November. It was kind of a proud moment to see us on the bill, as if we had just graduated from burlesque college. Hahaha!

Turns out that four of the eight contestants for Miss Viva Las Vegas were at DBF. It was so nice to meet them before the big competition this spring. It’s amazing how performers’ character changes on and off stage. I’d say a lot of burly girls tend to be intimidating on stage with our strong sexual prowess. But off stage, I was so so relieved to see that everybody is just so damn NICE!!

One thing I love most about DBF weekend was that every one introduced themselves with genuine HUGS. I’ve never felt so welcome in a dance social atmosphere. I appreciate everybody being so open and loving of one another, all because we share this same passion for burlesque. We are all so different too, showing what burlesque means to us individually through our own performance interpretation. But it always feels like we’re still on the same playing field.

Conversations in the dressing room were a hoot. That was probably the best part of course. Getting to know each other, while clouds of glitter fill the green room, champagne flowing, and a great peripheral view of Missy Lisa’s assel spinning–in the same mirror I’m putting on makeup with. There was some serious shit going on in that one bathroom.

I really do hope it’s like this at other festivals I attend in the future. I was a bit overwhelmed, and only a few knew that. But I swear every one made it seem like it was no big deal! Perhaps it wasn’t to the pros at this point. But they all made me feel so much more at ease. Performing on the Sunday industry night was a little pressure, but their confidence in me made me feel at ease. And it was great to get positive feedback from several audience members, including the House of Blues venue staff. Haha! I think the best compliment was that they really thought I was quite LOVELY on stage, and how my name resonates with me.



So THANK YOU, Dallas for showing this newbie how wonderful the burlesque community can really be. To the Ruby Revue, you know how to find me…and I’ll fly to you baby–Dallas or Houston, I’m there!

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