Con Artist (parte tres)

The hotel was not only full of international glitterati, but the shining stars of the weekend were a few guests of honor who helped push us for more in our art, and well…pushed some tears out of us too.

Julie Atlas Muz is THE force to be reckoned with. No one can do what she does. She is such a smart & sexy performer, she’ll make you cry. Most of the time, with unbelievable laughter. I’ve seen her perform in (Chicago) and she was an absolute riot. I was a bit intimidated when I saw her workshops on the schedule, but I chose to take her class for that reason. I needed to be challenged. I’m not so much the actor, nor a comedic clown as she’s known to be. Though with her interactive exercises spinning off of childhood nostalgia, I learned the most important lesson she brought: Be genuine. No, for real. We may often take the stage acting as a particular character. But capturing that true skill of becoming the character rather than acting like one is the essence of performing. Being able to make your audience believe, understand, and appreciate what you are conveying is the utmost success. Anyway, Julie’s class was one I will always remember. Especially for the fact that she likes mye cnI name, and agreed with its fit saying that I am, indeed, Lovely 🙂 ……..and then Dirty Martini called me charming. Just had to throw that in!

Well, while I’m sharing “that’s what she said!” ….here are some quotes of the key note speakers that seemed to have resonated with me especially after this BurlyCon experience:

Julie Atlas Muz

“Create your performance opportunity. If no one shows up, who cares?!”
“Don’t be identi-kits. Create your own character.”
“Be inspired. Don’t steal….. Okay, but if you do–make it your own!”
“Say YES. People who say yes, say yes to Adventure.”

Dirty Martini

“Listen to the Yes people.”
“Bring burlesque to the people.”
“The most important reward was [not the opportunity to travel and wear glamorous costumes… But] to be in the dressing room with such crazy people” [sharing the experience and building lifelong friendships.]
“Women have to call each other, other names before they call them their sister.” –Oscar Wilde

Lottie the Body

(To Julie Atlas Muz) “You are the epitome of burlesque.”
“Be careful. Be safe.”
“Get on stage and say to yourself, I am the maker of this house.”
“Let this be a world of roses and cheap wine!”

Con Artist (Part Deux)

When you initially think of BurlyCon, you would probably imagine 300 women dancing around in pasties for days on end. Okay well, of course dancing was had but everybody was fully clothed, much like we were in our casual, yoga lounge wear… Ooookay, except not exactly for me of course. I’m sure you’d guessed right I turned something into a pre-conceived “cute outfit” to simply stretch in, but I was clothed like the rest of my burly sisters!

Actually, most of my time was spent taking lecture classes. Things I needed personally, since I don’t have these resources at home. Not anything catered to the burlesque business anyway! A lot of the lectures were reminiscent of college….I do have a bachelors degree in advertising, mind you. But hey, it’s been a while and as much as I love dancing, these classes were still of genuine interest. It was fun to sit down and really think about creating a brand, producing shows, and cultivating my artistic talents to offer a strong product. It’s amazing how our audience doesn’t really know how much we invest in this. Burlesque isn’t just a hobby for us. There is so much more to it.

In this burlesque world, there is no right or wrong way to this lifestyle. No cookie-cutter shape or size of one’s body, so with that in mind we find it liberating to celebrate and embrace what we have been given. It is a process for all, and we are constantly growing into our bodies and character each day. Finding what works–personally, to create that comfortable, perfect niche as we take on the stage each night. We live to entertain. We send out so much love through simply a flick of a glove to the soft blink of eyelashes. More importantly, the challenge is genuinely taking in that same love for ourselves. It was quite apparent that we BurlyCon attendees take burlesque seriously. As we should, so others can take US seriously! In attending this event this was the most rewarding lesson I’ve taken home with me…. You see, burlesque is not just the slow burn of a dancing striptease, nor even a comical skit. Burlesque is a token of appreciation for the human form & unique talents. It has become a practice of spirituality.

Con Artist (part 1)

Made it to Seattle for the time of my life! BurlyCon 2012!


You can’t help but bear an ear to ear smile, endearingly tilting your head, with your eyes fixated on Coco Lectric. There’s just that something about this woman who keeps you entranced!

Taking her workshops was the initial treat I looked forward to, attending this convention. But little did I know that being at this this 4 day event, would I be wining & dining among burlesque royalty!

She, among several of the workshop presenters, was so amiable welcoming us in sincere conversation during our down time. I have to admit, I was a bit starstruck and she was just so friendly in conversation as if we were homegirls…okay, at least ones that knew each other for about a week. Ha!

The Big Bad Boa workshop was a great introduction as I take on the challenge of performing classical burlesque. I had no idea you can do such clever tricks with the fabulous feathery accessory!

Days later I took another workshop of hers, The Cheeky Reveal, which focused on her other signature antics as a renowned performer. We focused on the important tips in taunting the audience with a slow striptease. After following along, dancing with her to the song ‘Harlem Nocturne’ on repeat… I found myself sitting on the floor at the side of the small room, to simply revel in her presence watching her move.