Show-Me Burlesque

Show-Me Burlesque & Vaudeville Festival

This was my my most fun festival experience thus far, however it was the only festival I actually stayed for its entirety. And I’m so glad I did!


It was a 3-night circus of events, and what a circus it was! I liked this festival because it tastefully included the classic vaudeville aspect of burlesque. So the line up of unique acts was so intriguing to watch. There was just no time to Instagram dat shet, ’cause your eyes were glued to the performers to see what kind of tricks they had up their sleeve!

I was lucky to make friends with Jeez Loouez earlier this year that I was able to stay at her St Louis apartment for the weekend. It was a full house at Twerkington Towers; a slumber party with Nashville’s Shan de Leers, Freya West, Bebe McQueen, and Kisa Von Teasa from Knoxville. Oh, and Jeezy’s house cat named Gucci. As much as I claim to be a “Caburlesque Kitten” I’m still deathly allergic to actual cats. Ugh, talk about misery in Missouri! I loaded up on meds, tough but funny times. Hahah!! Sorry Gucci for kicking you out of the main rooms of the house.


Friday was a long night of two shows. I performed my signature blue boa piece for the late-night, Red Light District Revue. I was excited to be included in this especially sultry showcase, and even honored to be the last soloist just before the headliners performed! By the time I graced the stage it was just after 1:00 AM, and I really felt the exhaustion on stage. I can’t even imagine how headliners do this all the time. I tried hiding it, and hoped I’d managed doing so.


Throughout the weekend there were several workshops offered from the experts performing at the festival. There was such a fantastic array of classes it was tough to choose from! This is my favorite part of being involved with the burlesque community. No matter how long a performer has been on stage, she must always make the effort to continuously train and learn from the best! It always makes it so much more rewarding when I attend workshops from performers I admire. I know always something to improve on. And what better way to get in the studio and dance alongside (and be critiqued by) performers who I aspire to be like?! It’s very challenging to say the least. We tend to make it look easy when we’re on stage. But when we get the chance to sit back and break things down, we could still very well be shy and insecure about a lot of things!


The last event of the weekend was Beggar’s Carnivale and it was so fantastic I hadn’t had that much fun in a very long time, as simply an audience member. It was intriguing to see all the special acts that are performed on a larger scale, whether it be props or costumes. My lawd, that Jett Adore and his huge… Butt –butterfly wings! Sadie Hawkins as an aerial mermaid, Midnite Martini wrapped up and stripped down in her aerial silks act. Sweetpea, Perle Noire, Peekaboo Pointe, need I say more?! Oh and Sammich the Tramp acting up with several other mime friends. Then to top off the night at the after party, the performers gathered at Lola Van Ella’s dance studio for the Hot Mess Talent Show! And must I admit, that Russell Bruner has such pillowy lips to kiss–though all the other ladies there that night would agree. Hahaha!!

So! Much! FUN!! I definitely want to try to get back to St. Louis for this festival again & again.