GUNS & GLORY: Sex, Scandal, Vengeance… Satisfaction

Q: When & where did you meet Mama Kitty & the Caburlesque Kittens?

A: I came across the Caburlesque Kittens while on a job. I was doing a favor for a girlfriend of mine, out to kill her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. He happened to be at a Kittens show and my attention was drawn more toward the Kittens instead of the dirty dog. Nevertheless, the job was done but it was a messy one. And the Kittens were there for me to help lick it up clean.

Q: What do you want to get out of being part of the litter?

A: I became a hitwoman for the brokenhearted because I am one, myself. I came to the group for companionship, love & support from a beautiful family that is the Caburlesque Kittens. I found this kitty litter to be my niche, where I am able to be my complete self–and sometimes to an exponential degree. Whether it be my attributes as a vulnerable hopeless romantic… or just the Bitter Bettie who is out for vengeance. As sweet as they are, they welcomed the idea of my killing the loved ones who dared not to love me back. Because if I can’t have him, NO ONE will.

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