Booty Rock

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it on Instagram. Now come join us!

No dance experience necessary | All levels & genders welcome
Ages 17+ | No judgement zone

Dance Cardio, Booty Conditioning & Choreography with Di’ Lovely


Booty Rockin’ everywhere indeed;
From San Diego, to Brooklyn, and as far as the Philippines and Australia!
Now bring the party to YOUR CITY…

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This dance fitness class is also available for PRIVATE PARTIES!
Celebrate your birthday, bachelorette party, or friendship – with SASS!
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Di’ Lovely’s BOOTY ROCK dance workshop has become a hit across the world! Join us for the most fun, low impact, cardio + booty workout. In just one session you get a crash course on some booty basics; work that bump and grind, wiggle and shake, and ‘assolations.’ Each class includes a new choreographed dance to learn, so you’ll want to be coming back again and again! Set to a high energy playlist of 90s hip hop, trap and electronic music, it’s always a positive atmosphere for you and your friends!  

Duration: 60-75 minutes
Open Level: Beginning; Open
Attire: Comfortable fitted clothing. Non-marking flat shoes and KNEE PADS required!

So you already know how to pop, bounce, and wiggle that booty. Now let’s put all those elements together in a choreographed piece to show off your moves and perform like a professional FlyGirl! Some dance experience is necessary, as learning the choreography will be a little more fast paced. Class will start with a light warm up, and then go straight into the dance piece. Choreography will be drilled repeatedly for clean technique purposes, and to emphasize the group dancing in unison — as a team!

Duration: 60-75 minutes
Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Attire: Comfortable dress to impress! Non-marking flat shoes and knee pads are highly suggested.

* NO spectators allowed. Everyone in attendance must be a paid participant, on the dance floor.

Watch various VIDEO SNIPPETS of past workshops on Instagram: #DiLovelyTwerkTeam

 Check out this group of bachelorettes, BOOTY ROCKIN’ their special day with a private twerkshop!

No special occasion to gather your girls to Booty Rock? No problem! Book a private class for just your personal group of friends. This way, you can have even more shameless fun! Class fee varies, depending on how many participants. The more, the merrier!

E-mail for a quote regarding your special class.
A non-refundable deposit will be invoiced to reserve a time slot.


WHAT TO EXPECT: Laughter, FUN and a bit of that good kind of muscle sore the next following days. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya! This class is intended for all levels, so you may modify as necessary. Only you know your body and limitations. I’ve had such a variety of students over the years, including 60-year-old grandmas! We’ll start the class with a warm up and stretch, as well as conditioning exercises to perk up that derrière! Have you ever seen booty muscle isolations… ahem, ass-olations? Let’s try ’em! Then we’ll move on to learning some booty rockin’ moves for a low impact cardio workout! The choreographed dance will be fairly easy, but it depends how sassy you’re feeling to put in WERK! You can do it, put your back into it! Again, we can modify choreography as needed. Don’t be shy! But please do your part in creating a comfortable, positive, and encouraging atmosphere for yourself and others. Only good vibes here. Let’s just have a fun workout and celebrate that SUPERIOR POSTERIOR!

available for purchase at every class!

Various tank top & cheekster designs, $15
(including but not limited to designs pictured below)


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