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Di’ Lovely has been teaching various dance styles since 1999. She loves sharing her passion for dance & performance to people of all walks of life! Professional liability insured through NACAMS, she is available to teach at dance & fitness studios worldwide. Private sessions- solo or group parties for any occasion, are always welcome!

Keep up with social media announcements (#DanceWithDiLovely) for upcoming dance class offerings! Primarily based in San Diego, the traveling showgirl is also available for guest workshops and private sessions out of state. For all bookings, please e-mail

Hosted by Mayo Lua de Frenchie

Int Jazz Funk

Sunday, March 24th
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Alley Kats Tap Co. Studio
222 Truman St NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Slay Cabaret – Jazz Funk
Not for the faint of heart! This class starts with a light warm up and across-the-floor combinations to review syncopated movement, fusing contemporary jazz, modern, and hip hop. Jazz Funk is a hybrid dance style, showcasing the intense dynamics of musicality, femininity, and expression. Bring on the sass, as you learn a high energy choreographed piece. Pending on selected choreography, please bring non-marking flat shoes, heels, and knee pads.

Level: Intermediate
Dance styles: Thrash Jazz, Jazz Funk, Femme Hip Hop, Heels, Burlesque
Attire: Comfortable, fitted clothing for movement. Flexible heels encouraged, but not required. Knee pads in case you are sensitive to minimal floor work.


stylized jazz dance

Saturday, April 6th
12:30-2:00 pm

Glitter Tribe Studios
3052 Clairemont Drive, Suite H-9
San Diego, CA 92117


In this workshop, we’ll be celebrating all that jazz! With focus on the iconic dance stylization of popular 1950’s American musical theater, this will be fun and easy to follow, for dancers of all ages and levels! Inverted limbs, hunched-over postures, widespread hands, and meticulous isolations are no faux pas in this particularly dynamic style. Participants will learn the direct correlation between dance and music visualization, in fantastic interactive choreography set for the group.
Please wear all black dance or fitness wear, comfortable for movement. Jazz shoes, non-marking flat sneakers, or character heels recommended.

Hosted by the Asian Burlesque Extravaganza

Int Jazz Funk

Saturday, May 4th
11:00 am – 12:25 pm

New York School of Burlesque
Playwrights Horizons Studios
440 Lafayette Street
New York City



Hot & Bothered: Candlelit Burlesque & Subtle-TEASE
Take power of your audience, with strong eye contact and wanton glances. This class will focus on stillness, slow movement, awareness of your own lovable body, and letting yourself go to raw, organic movement. Not only will you seduce the audience be it one or many, but you may even turn yourself on! This course is great for ALL LEVELS of performers who want to break it down, focusing on emitting more sensuality rather than being heavily-focused on intricate dance choreography. There will be interactive exercises with other students, as well as floor work movement. You will apply these exercises to a downtempo, lightly choreographed burlesque piece. Setting the mood with dim candlelight, you’ll be ready to carry on the heat back home to your own bedroom!

Level: Open
Dance styles: Modern, Contemporary, Burlesque, Bump & Grind
Attire: Long leggings and sleeves for floor work movement. Shoes optional.

this workshop was featured on the new show,
“UnderCover” with Kate Quigley, on Playboy TV!


Booty Rock – Twerkshop

San Diego’s premier twerkshop! You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it on Instagram. Now come join #DiLovelyTwerkTeam! No dance experience necessary; All levels & genders welcome. This is a NO judgment zone! Let’s work on your bump & grind, ass-olations, wiggle, shimmy & shake! It is simply a fun, booty conditioning, cardio and choreography-based class. Set to a high energy playlist, varying from 90s hip hop to trap and electronic, it’s always a positive atmosphere as we wrap up the class with an encouraging dance circle of a Twerk-off – for prizes!

Level: Open
Dance styles: Booty Twerk, Dancehall, 90s style Hip Hop
Attire: Comfortable, fitted clothing for movement. KNEE PADS and sneakers.

 More details here!


Fly Girl – Hip Hop
So you wanna be a Fly Girl like the early days of J.Lo? Not for the faint-of-heart, this cardio-packed class will be wildin’ out with big hip hop movement, reminiscent of the classic 90s era. Get funky with Di’ Lovely’s stylized femme appeal, fusing techniques from contemporary and street dance. Learn a high energy choreographed piece of hip hop basics, but be ready to perform it fast-paced and full out! Wear knee pads, non-marking sole sneakers, and show off your own steez with a freestyle session at the end of class.

Level: Intermediate
Dance styles: 90s Femme Hip Hop, Urban Choreography
Attire: Comfortable, fitted clothing for movement. KNEE PADS and sneakers.


Tiki Tease – Twerkshop
Twerk that hip isolation, shimmy & shake! Inspired by Polynesian dance elements, you will learn the strong foundation of how Di’ Lovely herself, first learned to move that infamous derriere! Set to a varied playlist of traditional Polynesian and 90s hip hop music, you will learn controlled booty basics, and a choreographed dance piece implementing those hip-notizing moves! Wear a sarong for some island vibes!

Level: Beginning; Open
Dance styles: Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori, Booty Twerk
Attire: No shoes. Comfortable, fitted clothing for movement. Sarong, pareo or lava lava around your hips


Tahitian Cardio
Looking to change up your cardio routine? Come work out and Dance with Di’ Lovely, to aid your journey in weight loss. This group exercise class is based on Tahitian dance elements to strengthen your core, abs, legs, and booty! Improve your balance, coordination, and grace, while gaining energy to take on the rest of the weekend.

Level: Beginning; Open
Dance styles: Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori, Contemporary
Attire: No shoes. Comfortable, fitted clothing for movement. Sarong, pareo or lava lava around your hips


Boa Play
The classic feather boa is always a favorite burlesque prop. But how you manipulate your feathery friend is when things can get coquettishly  sexy! Let’s play with the boa, teasing a game of peekaboo and satisfying innuendo. This class will go over statuesque poses, basic dance steps, turns, and struts as you don your feathered accessory!

Boas can be provided for use during class, but bring your own if you need the practice. Some dark feather dyes tend to bleed onto your skin, so wear a fitted long-sleeved top to avoid the rigorous clean up.

Level 1: Beginning; Open
Dance styles: Burlesque, Bump & Grind
Attire: Fitted clothing. Shoes and heels optional.


Flexy Floorwork
Make that stage your lover! Getting down and dirty on the floor always makes the audience go wild. In this class, you’ll learn some smooth (or shocking) transitions to/from the ground, as well as tricks while you’re down there! This is a great time to show off some flexibility, so we’ll start off with a good stretch to condition those splits and extensions. Organic movement is highly encouraged, as we work some exercises to encourage improvisation.  A choreographed combination will be taught, to implement the aforementioned.

Level: Beginning; Open
Dance styles: Modern, Contemporary, Burlesque, Bump & Grind
Attire: Comfortable, fitted clothing; long sleeve shirts and long leggings encouraged.  Shoes/heels optional.

Optional items to bring: thigh high socks, stockings, knee pads, yoga blocks



More classes coming soon:
Grindhouse Burlesque
Musicality & Dynamics

Available for PRIVATE PARTIES!

Check out this group of bachelorettes, BOOTY ROCKIN’ their special day with a private twerkshop!

No special occasion to gather your girls for a dance workshop? No problem! Book a private class for just your personal group of friends. This way, you can have even more shameless fun!



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